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Prosthetic Eye

The Prosthetic Eye/Loss of An Eye  

The loss of an eye is called anophthalmia (anophthalmos) and is a physically and psychologically traumatic event.  It has tremendous influence and impact on the rest one’s life.  One can be born with the condition (congenital anophthalmia) or it can occur after trauma or surgery (acquired anophthalmois).

Traditionally, surgeons who work with these problems have concentrated primarily on restoring function (how the lids and false eye function).  This surgery is a form of reconstructive ophthalmic plastic surgery.  Attaining a good outcome in this regard can be quit challenging for the surgeon and frustrating for both the surgeon and patient.

Fortunately, surgeons’ who specialize in this area have developed experience and expertise with a wide range of procedures, such as:

•    ptosis repair (lid lifting),
•    eyelid and orbital fat grafting (filling depressed areas),
•    orbital implant surgery (placing material in the socket to replace the lost eye),
•    canthoplasty (tightening loose and sagging lower lids),

And others, which can, in most cases, restore a false eye (prosthetic eye) and its surrounding areas to a much improved state.
Is this enough?

Reconstructive Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Aesthetics

As I said there are significant psychosocial impacts from the loss of an eye (anophthalmia).  To address these there must be a shift in thought to considering aesthetics (appearance) as much as function (how things work) when a patient has a prosthetic eye.

How do we do this?

The first step is to approach loss of an eye and the prosthetic eye with an aesthetic sense.  We do this with cosmetic surgery all the time.  We can also do it with this with anophthalmia surgery.  Of course first, and foremost, the prosthetic eye and eyelids must be restored to normal function maximally.  The key is what comes next.

After the best possible function of the prosthetic eye is attained, the best possible appearance must be sought.  This approach allows the patient with anophthamlos the best chance at a more normal appearance and life.

This can and should be done!

About the author
Cosmetic eyelid surgery is a specialized area which requires a specialist (Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon) to get the best results.  When dealing with the loss of an eye (anophthalmia) and a prosthetic eye, the difficulty of surgery is magnified many times.  Beverly Hills ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. Guy Massry, has years of experience with anophthalmia surgery, and would be happy to evaluate your specific needs in enhancing your appearance.  He practices reconstructive and cosmetic eyelid surgery, reconstructive ophthalmic plastic surgery, cosmetic wrinkle treatment, and more in Los Angeles, West Hills, and Beverly Hills, California.