Beverly Hills Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery – Dr. Guy Massry


We would like to thank you for taking the time to review our website. Dr. Massry and his staff pride themselves on providing a comprehensive scope of information on Cosmetic Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery to the Beverly Hills and surrounding communities. Dr. Massry is a sub-specialist within the general field of cosmetic plastic surgery. He has specific expertise in cosmetic eyebrow and forehead lifting surgery (particularly endoscopic eyebrow lifts), cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), cosmetic mid-face lifts (cheeks lift, vertical facelifts). He also specializes in advanced wrinkle treatments including the use of BOTOX®, Restylane, Collagen, and laser skin rejuvenation.

Dr. Massry views cosmetic surgery as an artistic expression of what he and the patient desire. Attaining superior surgical results depends on evaluating the eyelids with respect to their surrounding structures (eyebrows & forehead above, and cheeks below). As such Dr. Massry customizes the need for forehead/eyebrow and mid-face surgery with his eyelid evaluation. Dr. Massry's individualized approach to patient evaluation repeatedly and routinely leads to excellent outcomes and happy patients.